Retail analytics isn't just a numbers game, but insights from 42 million consumer reviews filtered for your business needs can help you find out what brands are doing right and how you can use that information to fuel your own success.

Mintel eCommerce Intelligence is a brand new online interactive platform that delivers comprehensive data and analytics on the beauty eCommerce landscape in the United States. Providing actionable intelligence to help optimize your digital proposition and drive all-important revenue growth.

With Beauty eCommerce Intelligence you’ll quickly understand:
  • Keywords and phrases: Understand the keywords used by customers to describe products they buy.
  • Competitive landscape: Find out what your competitors are doing online and what customers are saying about them.
  • Category ranking: See the most loved brands in your product category.
  • Consumer sentiment: Dive into detailed analysis of consumer reviews and product feedback.
  • Pricing analytics: Monitor changes in category, brand, unit and retailer as well as across four key price segments.

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