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Date: Wednesday 30th November
Time: 10-11am GMT (UK Time)
 Mintel’s 2023 Food & Drink Trends Webinar combines global market and data analysis with impactful insight to provide a high-level overview of the key motivations and challenges that lie ahead for food and drink brands.

Reflecting the numerous challenges of the era and the necessity for clear insight, Mintel’s 2023 Food & Drink Trends are more specific and bolder than ever.

The eight trends cover consumer demands which our clients should already be addressing, around value, nutrition and productivity, and explore increasingly urgent issues like water insecurity and the impact of extreme weather events on food and drink shoppers.

Also, we celebrate the vital role food has in delivering pleasure and escapism to consumers, highlighting future opportunities for aphrodisiacs as well as predicting the ramifications of the new space race.

In this webinar, join Alex Beckett for a discussion on Mintel’s 2023 Food and Drink Trends. Director of Mintel Food & Drink, Alex Beckett, looks at Food & Drink Trends, this webinar addresses the value, nutrition and productivity of Food and Drink shoppers.

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Alex Beckett

Director, Mintel Food & Drink

Alex regularly presents consumer and innovation insights to the world’s biggest soft drink companies. He writes about cutting-edge opportunities within waters, sports & energy drinks and also provides input for the annual food & drink trends. Additionally, Alex manages the creation of Mintel’s hugely popular Food & Drink Year of Innovation reports.


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